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Originally Posted by Quickie22 View Post
sorry for being the dummy in a sea of super smart people, but where do I find things like titanium studs and axels and the like? Is there a online store you can recommend? Or is there a person that does skate builds? Geno built my first pair, but I guess he is not doing that anymore.
Every custom skate builder (like Geno) has their hard searched sources for many suitable off-the-shelf items, and by combining those items with their own unique skill sets, needed to make & assemble the more non-standard & custom sizes of special H/W pieces it takes to pull together these kinds of builds, they can push the envelope of lightweight possibilities for you.
Many members here at SLF do this and working with one near you is a good option.

However, there is no free lunch ride that gets you into this territory. You either hire someone who has already paid their dues for how to make this stuff show up in the world, or you start to work your way up the ladder of learning & doing.

It mostly depends on what king of budgets are available to pump into these kinds of projects. Supply your own labor (and LEARNING) time, and the costs drop considerably, but the required time investment can become rather large too.

Working with a veteran skate builder can become costly, especially when back and forth shipping adds up. Then there are all the special tools and miscellaneous H/W items needed to do a job right. A builder has already accumulated these items, but a DIY'er, just getting started, will have to cover many up front costs to accumulate a wide enough range of the needed stuff it will take to do their single project.

You have to decide what path to take based on your own situation.

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