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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Funny you mention "edges" because I was feeling that my inlines would lose their edge very easily on wet surfaces but since the quads had no edges this was not an issue. All four wheels just slide a little bit - easy to control and even a bit fun as compared to gritting my teeth on inlines when slick out.

So the "edge" you mentioned - are you actually on the edge of two wheels? Or is it something else you are feeling on four wheels? Very curious.


Itís 4 wheels. Either foot pressing one side or the other to make arcs. Seems borish, but hold that pres, it gets quite fun. Go every way forward backward pressing and holding the inside or outside edge. Deep edges are tighter arcs. The tighter the arc the harder it is to complete a full circle. Now skate on all arcs no flats (no going straight) switching arcs. Thatís a change of edge. Jump and turn landing on an arc. usually a backward outside edge. Try it also with different body positions. One leg behind (arebesque). Seems simple but you will feel like you are flying. Itís even a different at different speeds.

The term edge comed from ice skating where the inside or outside of the blade cuts the ice as you describe an arc. The trucks of the quad imitate the same
arc as a cutting edge so we still call them edges.
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