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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Quadster, this is the best post I have ever read on SLF - no contest.
Wow. That is high praise, indeed. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
While I thought I knew nearly everything there was to know about quads, your post further expanded and clarified many areas of that knowledge.
From what I've read of your past posts, you seem to have spent considerable time trying to gain a really in-depth understanding of the details and mechanics of the skating process. Therefore if my post has in any way managed to impart anything in addition to the wealth of information that you've already amassed, then I'm pleased to hear that.

Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Posting the video links was totally icing on the cake, and I look forward to watching them many times. Nearly everyone in the SLF community could certainly find something useful and interesting in your post, and I advise all members to read and enjoy it.
The specifics of exactly how a trick is executed is very important in a discipline as technical as slalom; and video is obviously the most useful way to illustrate that.

There are countless slalom videos on the web, but most of them are full competition rounds. Finding good clear examples of individual tricks is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (so that was another reason for me choosing to add the video links that I did).

Thanks again for your kind words. I do hope that people will go back and watch the various links that I embedded into my post, and perhaps be encouraged to attempt some of the moves for themselves. Slalom (particularly in the USA) does not seem to get the attention or recognition that it deserves, so any new interest that can be generated is to be welcomed.
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