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Originally Posted by BPTS View Post
I grind my own tools as well, I put a very steep chip relief and heavy rake angle on it. Hand stone it to razor sharp. The tool I use to turn the grooves off has about a 1/8" radius for the nose profile.
Lathe is set at 720 rpm, fast surface feed, I will check my lathe, not sure what the exact feed setting is.

I am not aware of any tangible data regarding grooved (actually threaded) vs smooth wheels and friction coefficients. I do see how grooved could be advantageous on dirty floors a bit.
Hey, there's a thought-I could thread the wheels for right hand and left hand threads, that way any debris gets cleared to the outside of the wheels!

How many people have been duped into thinking once the grooves are worn off the wheels are worn out and they have to buy new wheels?
I would say it depends on the person and conditions. Im fine with the outdoor wheels being smooth. Indoors, tread works better for me. However, I like it best in a range of 60 to 30% best. I could sell old smooth wheels off as "broken in", but usually have no takers.
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