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Default Adult Night Thursday 24March

Hi Again Adam, Tim, Ben, , ,
and whomever those other buddies were

1)Well we didn't have the newbies hugging the walls (fast lane) like they often do. That is we in the Boston area sometimes have the same experience as SDRollerGirl . We also only had a few, maybe 4-5, so that makes it easier. Newbies that hug the wall two abreast can be a pain.
Sometimes one in the chain becomes 'The Caller'

2)Adam and Ben one foot spinning and doing backward rolls in the center
3)Knee still recovering so couldn't get in line for the Chain Skate yet they were having fast fun with most keeping rhythm. OK not some of the Bladers, that I like, yet never seem to get in sync (synchronization. I did co chase the line a few times hugging towards the center circle so I could go a little slower.

4)Toward the End as one long group Chain Skated, Adam, Ben, Tim were doing the Coffin aka 'Shoot the Turkey' around the Rink. Neat!!

5)Skate Lights in Laces: One older skater had them on and they have a battery compartment that sits just above the toe on top of the boot. At least two rinks in our area sell these light up laces for 6$.

6)Music OK, Have had better (for my taste, milage_varies)

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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