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Originally Posted by Trixton View Post
Have you tried waxed Derby Laces? No need for any special lace tightening hooks with these. You can tighten each segment of lace independently, so you can adjust for hotspots, tight areas, loose areas, etc. You can tell they work because they have a little crease in them by the end of session at each lace hole, indicating they have not moved. Plus they look fantastic.
I use the Derby Laces on my inline speed skates where having tight collars is crucial.

I also employ under/over techniques, depending on which eyelets are laced. My speed skates have 8 eyelets and I lace as follows (starting from the toe as eyelet #1)

Eyelets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: over
This is to make sure that they laces don't loosen at all toward the bottom.

Eyelets 6, 7: under
This allows for some loosening over long distances. It helps with foot cramping.

Eyelet 8: over
This makes sure that the collar doesn't get loose at all.

As of late, I skip lacing eyelet #1, as my toes have been cramping a lot (pre-diabetic type 2 [even at my fitness level, bad genetics]) doesn't help.
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