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OK another update. I hated the Slip Knots, I dumped them. They wouldn't tighten well and a pain to get the skate off, the only place where the impregnated rubber helped it quickly wore off.

I then bought common pink skate laces at 96". Now I used Ian's website and bunny (corset) lace my skates.. I can pull the bunney ears in the center tightening the bottom then top differently and place the knot bows tightly under the Jacson Vantage strap.

At the bicycle shop I smiled nicely to the guy and he gave (yes gave) me two twenty inch wheel spokes and nipples and a bad twenty four inch tube. I thanked him genuinely and made a b-line to Home Depot for two small round wooden drawer knobs and a PVC slip repair coupling. At home drilling a tiny hole through each knob, some Goop and a spritz of red paint I have my lace pullers for two dollars.

The tube pulled through the coupling so there is an equal loop on each side makes a great leg and foot exerciser. OK, I'm cheap, but crafty! Miss Bee
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