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Originally Posted by okie View Post
Been awhile.

Are the motorcycle GP sidecars racers till on here?

Me,still skatin at 76,but not leading the pack? Must be my ATOM strokers?

Monday night adult only still going strong 6 years non stop. Skateland Mesa,Arizona. NO yelling DJ just music,3 fast then 2 slower all session and not so loud you can't hear and talk.

Having a hard time making new regular weekly fun and exercise skaters,the millennials are just not that interested in it in today's world.

Really a strange group of kids,they have no handtools and no handskills,do not want to work on anything. No motorcycles or hot rod cars. And the worse part? They have little to none, competitive spirit. Have no idea where we are headed in tomorrow's world.
I see the lack of drive a lot. No mechanical abilities or want to learn them... a new low in the US.
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