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Name is Bill. 32 yrs of age. I've been floating around the boards here for a little while. I don't post much, but I visit often. I love to soak up the information that is available on here. I just got into this sport about a year ago. My local rink has a speed team. One of the team moms saw my daughter skating on her rec inlines during her school skate party, and asked her at the end of the session if she'd be interested in speed skating. She went to a few practices, and got hooked. After watching her and some of the other adults, my wife and I said "what the heck" and gave it a go ourselves. The rest is history. Now my whole family - wife and two kids - skate. This past year was my first year competing. I only skate indoors, but I'd like to take it outside. I absolutely love this sport.
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