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I didn't realize they changed the course again. I'm glad I logged on here and saw your post.

It looks pretty intense. A slightly downhill 180 degree righthand turn 200m from the finish line? Yikes.

One section of course looks like it will be pretty narrow, since we go out and back on the same two lane road. I kind of doubt the packs will be very big, so maybe that won't be an issue.

Road surface last year was quite a bit worse than it was the previous times i did it. I don't think the asphalt is that rough, but there are a lot of cracks. I'm a bit out of touch with what wheels are fast, but I'll probably go with some firm MPCs.

Intelligentsia Cup is the same weekend in Chicago. It's 10 days/nights of crit racing (bicycles) in the suburbs of Chicago. If you're interested in spectating some bike races, you should check it out. I'll be racing Friday-Sunday on the bike, and I'll bring my skates for the marathon too (if I'm not too beat up).

Do you know of anyone else heading there after nationals?
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