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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post

Please do not get compounds and duro conflated. Many sk8rs think if wheel "A" is a 96 then wheel "B" which is also supposed to be a 96 will perform the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Compound and tire profile are huge players here. Let's talk about profile for a minute. When one has access to various profile wheels in identical compounds, much can be learned. I will Corey Skates excellent product as examples. I have rolled Enforcers, Super Enforcers, Phantoms and even some of Geoff Brown's HebeGB wheels all in VFH. The Enforcers and Super Enforcers are heavier (bearings not considered here) and do not roll as well. Fatter tires flex more and slows the roll. I have detected no appreciable difference in grip however.

Compound is a whole different ball of worms because in most cases it is difficult to find a wheel profile that is similar across manufacturers. Bones Turbos are a decent match against Scott's Phantoms however. The Bones seem to have marginally less roll and grip when compared to comparable durometers of Scott's wheels. The Bones sure as heck don't wear any where close to as well however.

Basically it comes down to this. Nobody can tell another sk8r what will work for them in the context of wheels and guarantee they will be right. They could get you close, or be off in left field. Note I said close. You could be happy with close, very happy. But ignorance is bliss. Until you have learned to deal w/ all the variables discussed so far, you will never know if you are in that very elusive sweet spot. When 1/4 turn of an action nut can make a pair of sk8s feel totally different... well that should give you an idea of where to start.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun. If you are on line, searching for truth on the internet, be prepared to be amazed, confused, angered and even infected with a disease... but keep that fun goal in view always.
Compounds are the biggest variable IMO. Duro can take the harshness out of the ride, Hard to really make direct comparisons because of all the variables. My skates are blessed with a pretty fat sweet spot. Most skaters skates have very narrow sweet spots, thats where a person talent level and plate tuning comez into the mix.
It took me a while to accept that soft wheels are just that, just because they are soft does not actually mean you will get more traction.
Not had enough wheels to play with profiles, but I do like wide contact patches. That also has pros and cons.
Hyper shamans are proving to have longer life than expected. A bargain for the price. I've grown to appreciate the whites.
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