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Going back to your original post;
Originally Posted by Dekindy View Post
... But shouldn't there be a standard setting for getting the maximum performance from the cushion.
I'm somewhat amazed that no one gave that statement a resounding NO. Hopefully you are no longer under the delusion that such a setting exists. There is a reason there is an adjustment there and the few designs that lack such an adjustment people are always trying to modify.

Originally Posted by Dekindy View Post
Reactor Neo pivot arm is not adjustable so any reference to tension is kingpin tension.
Yes, I know. Looked the plate up before I responded. That is why I said what I did. Doc puts an even finer point on using that metric for cushion adjustment.

Originally Posted by Dekindy View Post
If I had talked to this "skate mechanic" and 2nd generation skating rink owner originally I would not have had any questions to ask on skatelogforum and would have had the proper skates equipment and boot fit initially.
Yes, getting the correct skate and boot fit is best done in person. While there is a lot of good information available from multi-generational skate operators there is a lot here also. The rink I frequent is 3rd and fourth generation. I learn from them and they learn some from me. A lot of what I know comes from here. Anyone that thinks that any one source has any body of knowledge covered is being shortsighted.

Common wisdom is anything but...
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