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Originally Posted by Dekindy View Post
Talked to a skate mechanic and he recommended the proper tension so that the pivot arms do not move side to side in the pivot cup. That seemed to be about one click past hand tight.
That has almost nothing to do with proper cushion adjustment. While this advise isn't completely wrong it isn't correct either.

Cushion adjustment has more to do with the skater than with the skate. From the skate's perspective you don't want the cushions to bulge (too tight) or the trucks to move without cushion control (too loose). In the range between those two extremes the cushions MAY skate the way you like and are able to skate. If not get harder or softer cushions.

Personally I like the handling soft cushions provide. "Chasing the speed wobble" as mentioned above is the way to progress to softer cushions and from my perspective you are not an advanced skater until you have mastered the softest cushions available for your plates. Once you can skate full out on the softest cushions you may want harder but how would you know that if you haven't tried it?

In so many things, like skating, until can't do it until you can. Nobody was born knowing how to skate.

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