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Default Truck adjustment for beginners

I decided to go with the Powerdyne Reactor Neo to upgrade from my Thrust plate. I have read a lot about plates so please don't tell me whether this is a good or poor decision.

What I need to know is how to properly adjust truck tension? I have been reading everything I can and watching youtube videos but it has not gotten me any closer to feeling comfortable on where to start.

For instance, I saw a video where the plate seemed to have the same design as mine. The first step in adjusting truck tension was to loosen the kingpin nut. Is this correct?

I know that for the cushions to do there job that there has to be tension on the cushions. But shouldn't there be a standard setting for getting the maximum performance from the cushion. Tight enough so that the cushions are doing the work: which would be not too loose that the cushions cannot rebound the truck and softer cushions should be used instead; or not too tight that the cushions are not deformed and a harder cushion should be used instead?(hope I have the terminology correct!)

I have tried tightening each truck the same number of clicks but it seemed like the front truck has less tension than the back and it does not seem like the tension is the same on each skate.

Do I want the front and back trucks to have the same tenions or different?

6'2" and 215 pounds with fairly decent beginner and some intermediate skills and working to improve. Installed orange cushions.

I hope there are some rules of thumb/guidelines because I do not have a very good feel on figuring this type of adjustment on my own.

Also I have read several threads from the 2012-2013 era discussing Reactor plate cushion configurations(DocSk8, Armidillo, Christopher_T, etc) to get the best performance from reactor plates and it was difficult for a beginner to follow. Realize that was for the Pro model as the Neo was not in production but any help here would be appreciated also.
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