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Hey Curtis,

Reading this reply of yours

Originally Posted by curtisxdavis View Post
I do have a tendency to do stops on one or two wheels usually both inside wheels. The rinks i go to are often crowded so there are many times when I have to do a hard stop to avoid people.
OK It sounds like you and I do this similar me with a softer wheel. Usually I don't skate bat out of hell when it is crowded with weak skaters yet you might skate faster. Anyway I almost never do a Hard T-Stop-SlowDown. I do a T-Slow Down half hard then I might do a Lateral to the Inside or a Sideways to get around the obstacle.

Originally Posted by curtisxdavis View Post
o - o I do t stops at around 130 degrees (something like this: _ /), I usually put most of my weight on my leading leg and only shift weight to the braking leg if I need more stopping power o - o
About the same yet I would put it at 130 to 140. I have played with tipping up the skate and using the outside edges.

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