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Default Try to Catch the FLAT action

Hi Again Curtis,

Along with the wheels, try to catch the FLAT on those 101's right after it happens. This might give you the technique portion of Why FLATs.

My one young college thin art guy (22 or so) friend has not figured out why he has flatted the last we talked (spring 2012). I am guessing a slight very hard twist. I will get an update when I see him this Winter. BTW the floor is good, smooth and towards the slippy side when cold so for him it is not a floor issue nor a heavy skater weight issue. OK on a real cold or dirty floor he probably would not flat.

Here is a link that kind of shows what HK is talking about

Floors have changed a lot since my 1960s and I have read about them on SLF. SO take that blurb for what it is worth.

If the FLATs go away on another wheel type it would be interesting to know if your skating had to change to adapt to the wheel. In other words you are NOW not getting FLATS yet are not skating the same moves.

Waiting your INPUT,

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
P.S. One final note. If you want to resurface those wheels you can do as HK47 wrote which is done by Derby Skaters or send to Dan Beaver in Texas. Many find the wheel skates differently after ReGrooving/Surfacing
Vanathane appears from our US Patent Office to be a Trademark
So I can not find the true composition. In another article it seems to still be a urethane yet of the natural variety called rubber
OK Some Engineering Sell in this article

Edit-01: You are going to have to do the US Patent Office search on your own. The link holds only inside the web server. I thought so yet was not sure. Do / trademarks / then Vanathane. A company out of Oklahoma
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