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Default Former Rinks

One was Melody Skateland on the west side of Indianapolis. It had one of the nicest wood floors that I have ever skated. I set a couple of speed records there back in the days when they kept state records. It was a shame when it burned to the ground.

Another place I remember was a tiny rink in Maxwell Indiana. I don't remember the name of the place, but they had a concrete floor. I only went there a couple of times, and since I moved out of Indiana 15 years ago, I don't know if it is even still there.

A rink where I spent lots of time was called Skateway. It was on Pendleton Pike between Lawrence and Oaklandon, IN. The track in the place was something like 67 meters, making it only a little bigger than a derby track. When my son was 5, they offered 6 weeks of free speed lessons. We took the lessons together and were hooked. The people that owned Skateway also owned Roller Cave and that's where the speed team was based, so the Cave became our skating home. However, all the middle school age kids in Lawrence, Oaklandon, and McCordsville hung out at Skateway. There were times when I dropped off my kid there to skate, then drove over to the Cave to hang out with my friends from the team. Those were great times. The couple that owned the two rinks got a divorce - he got the Cave and she got Skateway. A couple years later she died, and Skateway was sold to some people who changed the name to Skatemor. They had it for a few years, then sold it and the building was converted to an auto repair place.

The last place I recall I only skated a couple of times. It was called Skatedium and was in St. Paul, MN. It had a great wood floor. The building is still there. I don't know if the floor is still in it or not. I think it is a warehouse or something. Anyway, there are no rinks in St. Paul proper. I wish there was one so we could have a speed team.
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