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Originally Posted by onurleft View Post
I experienced the center wheel pivot "wicked detours" for the first time last week while slaloming down a hill to scrub speed. Initially, I thought the short(er) 12.6" frame was great that I could slalom until the pivoting direction change occurred! Was talking about it yesterday with another 3x125 skater, saying I found the 3X setups Achilles heel. He said it happened to him at speed and was dangerously scary!

So, I have been wondering if the 3X setup would be less prone to pivot and more stable if the wheel layout would be OO--O rather than the status quo O-O-O setup? The OO--O wheel setup could also allow for a slightly lower deck height. I haven't thought out the drawbacks of OO--O wheel orientation. Any ideas?
I thought about this arrangement in the past too. I would say the only downside would be the weight on each wheel will no be very even unless you intentionally sit back on your heals. The think the setup would be more stable, especially if you put weight on the balls of your feet as you would essentially be skating on two wheels (the opposite of what you want to do for best rolling resistance).
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