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Originally Posted by Stroopwafel View Post
Recently I did a small test. Went to my favorite stretch of rough road and put different wheels under my left and my right skate. I compared Bont G3 84a, K2 Star Grip 85a, Bont Mayhem 85a and 87a and Bont Red Magic XFirm wheels. Was I in for a surprise, the differences where remarkable. For example I thought G3's where reasonable. But compared to these other wheels they really sucked. I binned them as soon as I came home.. What's in a wheel? It can be quite a lot.
LOL! Funny because, Bont G3 (84a or 85a I forget which), 110mm's came with my Semi-Race skate package only I assembled everything with K2 110mm Stargrip wheels which I had stocked up on haveing come from a K2 Radical Pro. I passed the unused Bont G3 110's on to a skater replacing a Powerslide R2's package deal 3x100x90 high-low for a 4x110 frame. I had liked that the Stargrips were lightweight'ish compared to the G3's which at the time was all I had to go by.
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