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Hello! I joined the forum just today, and I'm also looking for guidance in skating in wet weather.

I bought a set of Powerslide Torrent rain wheels and so far I've been out in the rain twice. The wheels do work--I have more grip on wet pavement than I would have expected. Not anything like skating on dry pavement, but good enough to skate confidently.

My first time out the water leached all the oil out of my bearings and my boots got wet.

Today I put a plastic layer between the outer shell and the boot, so my feet stayed dry. Didn't have as much standing water, so wasn't quite as hard on the bearings.

I've read a lot of posts here on SLF that say to use grease instead of oil. I'm planning to try that for my rain skates, but I wonder how to clean the bearings once you get solid grease in there.

I'll try to post some pictures soon.
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