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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post goal is Valentine's Day.

Great to have you back!

I have settled into a new routine mostly thanks to my new job (May 2019) that is quite demanding physically, AND starts at 7a.m. which robs me of the coolest 3 morning hours. So....

I have pledged 5 miles per day when I skate. I will commute rain or shine - except lightning and flooded roads. It will be a rare day when i skate much more than a 1/2 marathon. This pledge got me 250 miles last month which is good enough. My true goal is to go low and steady avoiding all overuse injuries in theory. My basic commute gets me those 5 miles. More is gravy. On the rare occasion I get to the local Rail-Trail (50 miles away by car) i intend to limit my miles to a full marathon.

Sometimes Less is More. That's what I am shooting for this year. Today I skated my 29th consecutive day. No health issues.
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