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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
I have a couple of skates. One of them has a cheap plastic plate with metal trucks. Problem is the axles are loose. You can slide them back and forth with your fingers. They don't come all the way out. Just back and for about a quarter of an inch or so. Anybody have any thoughts of fixing this?
Red loctite.
Put some on 1 side with that axle perpendicular to the ground as if the skate was laying on its side. You just need a rink around the axle shaft, and to wiggle the axle back and forth to work as much in 1 side as possible. If there is a good play in the diameter where it can slide back and forth the loctite will come out the other side. If it doesnt after tapping. the axle in and out about 50 times , you'll need to flip the truck over and do the same for the other side.

After that you'll want to center the axle in the truck and let it cure for a day.
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