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Default Hello and welcome!!!!!

I wasn't sure where to post a "hello," but I see this is the most current thread, so I'm going off topic a little bit. I live in Poughkeepsie and skate at Rollermagic too! I'm sure you've tried Wooden Wheel and Skatetime 209. Those are the other local spots. It's great to see a local skater! Welcome back.

Come say hi! I have the same skates as your daughter, only bright blue suede, you'll see me and my son, he's 18 and used to be the manager of Rollermagic (he's on blades). We always set up cones in the middle to practice slalom. If your wife needs a pair of blades, but not sure which kind, I have about 5 different pairs she could try on (various sizes) they are always in my trunk.

About the jam plug. Applause! Better to start out and get used to one thing, rather than try to switch it up and risk getting hurt. With jam plugs, you have a lot more room to play. Cheers!
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