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Originally Posted by John Nicholas View Post

She's getting pretty good at the T stops, and does them at the shallower than 90 degree angle.

Can you please explain what plow stops, spin stops and 1 foot plows are??
T stop((my own fb post)

Plow stop.(my own FB post)

This covers a visual example of a traditional plow using 2 feet, then selectively using a left and right foot plow as well as the backward variants.

Spin stop(didnt have a personal one, so here ya go)

Hockey stops , (my own FB post)

If you watch the hockey stop video , all a hockey stop realy breaks down to is a 1 foot plow stop while simultaneously dragging the other foot as a T stop. So getting those 2 prerequisites , a good 1 footed plow with the right foot, and a good left footed T stop will really help one learn a hockey stop. Those 2 stops , while different help to build the muscles needed for a hockey stop and the skill needed to make a foot slide as weight modulation goes.

If you need a real breakdown of how to's I'll be happy to help. Or link a video that someone else has already done a good job with.
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