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It depends on what kind of skating you are doing. Toe stops are essential for artistic skating as half of the major jumps use a toe stop assist. You can't do a Mapes, Flip or Lutz jump without toe stops. Even right at the start you can't do a bunny hop or a simple half-mapes without them. Toe-stops aren't just for stopping, they can be a major power and speed assist. So removing them limits your skating quite a bit, whereas I have no problem whatsoever skating on my toes, doing barrel rolls, grapevines, etc with my toestops in. Whereas the most of the jumps I can execute and half of the ones I plan on learning can not be done without the toe stops. There are types of skating that work much better without them but certain moves are absolutely impossible without them.

I also park skate and in my experience toe-stops are also a valuable part of quad vert. They assist on ramp climbs when necessary. Power assists. Some 'tricks,' like a mid-ramp stop and jump. And again, if you want to include artistic elements to vert skating, you are likely to 100% need the toe stops.
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