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Originally Posted by John Nicholas View Post
My daughter just recently bought a new pair of skates and her silly dad suggested that she get jam plugs... but since I don't really know what's truly best for a beginner (I used jam plugs many years ago) what do you suggest??

Is it better to start out with toe stops?

We do indoor skating only. She has learned the basics of a forward T stop, but is not yet comfortable doing them.

I want to ensure she has a good skating experience and don't want to hinder her learning the basics.

Thank you!
She needs stoppers in very few situations.

Backwards skating mainly. When rolling forwards a "stopper" is little better if at all than a T stop.

When skating backwards however, one can dump a large amount of force into them to stop fast.

She should learn T Stops, plow stops, spin stops, then 1 foot plows, then hockey stops.

T stops dont actually make a T, it's more like a wide V 45 deg to 70 deg foot position. The skater will be plying their arch of the braking foot into the heel of the gliding foot. The breaking foot should stay most under the skater, not behind them. The fore/aft foot separation is approximately a little less than a half step.

Pressure is applied to the outside wheels, with the inside slightly lifted up. This helps keep the skate flat on the floor. If you put pressure on the inner wheels it tends to roll over on the lips. Less pressure is better until the skater can control the move.
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