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Re: MA/NY Skating Dave's suggestion, the stock bearings in cheaper K2 skates are probably your problem. They aren't made as well. ILQ7s or ILQ9s would be much better, and more cost efficient options if you can get them easily. BSB also makes good bearings, or if you are really hard up on the money front, $16 for a set of Glen Kashi's buck bearings. I have them for rain skates, and they are similar to ILQs. Also, very cost effective. Otherwise, just keep skating and cleaning.

Oh, if you have cracked hubs, replace those wheels ASAP, lest the failure increase and result in serious injury. I had a set of Atom One IQ wheels that had hairline cracks in them, likely a production problem, and immediately stopped skating on them though the cracks didn't seem to effect their use. The point was to avoid serious injury for a significant wheel failure. BNumerick can tell you all about hub failure, he had it happen on a set of MPC Storm Surge race wheels last year and it wasn't pretty.
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