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Default Buy some Bones Swiss, or Qube Gold OR

Hi Again,

OK I am going to BLAST. Which in Engineering Speak means to go past the problem details to a Better Way. I see some already gave you the One Shield Method good even for cheaper bearings.

Buy some Bones Swiss Bearings, or Qube-Gold, or other Higher End Bearings with tighter clearances and the problem you describe disappears.

Never in my life did I get stones in my bearings yet I did get tons of hairs in certain bearings of lower class quality. I also damaged some outdoor skate bearings pretty bad that had 2 shields on them SO were difficult to clean. In those days I just stuck them in a citrus cleaner, which didn't clean for diddly.

Anyway get some new bearings and if you still want cheap ones remove one of the shields. My 8mm Bones Swiss only comes with one shield.

BTW I do need to buy some Bones Ceramics, yet am Lazy. My Priorities seem to be Skate, SkateLog, then lastly R&D, then Buy

SO Don't be like me Lazy. Shoot I got the same problem with selecting a plate for my new 595 boots.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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