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Originally Posted by Pinhy View Post
I took a look at the semi-race (and the Alpha) after reading these posts, but I really don't think my form will allow my ankles to handle such a low boot. I wind up getting too far onto the outside edge a couple times every time out, and I feel like my supportive boot helps save me.

I really like the Rollerblade Tempest boot (style, not crazy about the color)....I just want a 4x frame, not a HiLo.
This may be correctable with the adjustments that are available on speed type setups. You have the ability to move the boot side to side in order to get the blade where you want it. I have noticed that many non-adjustable skates are in fact built very inconsistently. The left boot may be centered and the right may be way to the inside or outside. This is one of the things that intrigued me back in 1997 when I bought my first set of speed skates. My generic skates were very asymmetrical and so were my indoor quads. Not a problem on speed boots and even some of the slalom boots.
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