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I started to write a history of when, in the US, all speed skates were 45 degree single action and all art skates were double action 10-15 degree. Then I realized that is would be a long boring post.

In short, today there are really no differences for categories. Even at high competitive levels, art skates use plates designed for speed, and speed skaters use plates designed for art. Derby players are all over the map.

But, to make sweeping generalizations, here are a few characteristics of differing skate angles:

5 -10 degree very Stable - turniness comes from skater's edges more than plate action. Good for speed. 10 degree is very common for dance skating.

10-20 degree: still pretty stable, but truck action does some of the work for you. 15/16 degree action is my person "sweet spot" for derby and a little speed.

DA45... which is actually 30 degree. Very turny. Based on Snyder Imperial which was a favorite for the tight circles done in figure skating. Often the drawback is lack of stability at high speeds.

These are huge generalizations. Most plates can be tuned to behave how you want them with different hardness cushions and pivot pin adjustments. There is a lot more to how a skate performs than just the truck angle.
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