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Smile A different approach, but viable...LOL!

Dear Dekindy,

I have not made the switch from Speed to Dance. I basically was trained as an Artistic Skater who skated Dance, Figures and Freestyle in local and regional competitions, when I was a youth/under 25 years old.

As an adult/62 years old I have returned to skating and do the same things, Dance, Figures and Freestyle, but don’t compete in Freestyle yet…lol, more to come!

In the old days there were two kinds of Artistic Skates. The Sure Grip Classic, which you can still buy and the Synder Skates, which I bought the Imperial/45 degree trucks.

As far as boots, I think the standard was the 297, but I bought the Gold Star.

If you know your size there are many used skates on Ebay, that have either the 120, 220 or 297 boots mounted to a Synder Deluxe plate (standard trucks action) or the Imperial (45 degree trucks). These skates come with wheels so you can reuse the bearings. And many times these wheels have excellent bearings…like the Fafnirs.

So, all you got to do now is buy a new set of wheels, which I would suggest the Bones 101A for starters/not the 103A.

So for a very low cost, you could buy yourself a used pair of skates, Boots and brand new wheels for under 250 dollars total. That is an excellent way to get into a Artistic Boot.


Larry Otani

P.S. I have lot of the Brand New Skates/Roll Lines and Fancy Boots, like…. Edea, SP Teri, Reidell and Berry, not to mention lot of Trick Wheels, but you can get yourself into a used pair of Artistic Skates, Cheaply and really have a good time until you’re ready to drop a 1000 dollars on a New Pair of trick skates,Line Roll Line, Edea or STD Wheels. Good Luck!
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