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alright, I'll break silence.

As most might not know I didnt skate last year, attention to the wife and her bout with breast cancer. No worries, everything is alright now, and she is 1 year free. Was also working on my Gold Medal, when I had a couple of falls on the foxtrot, and hurt my left hip pretty good... now I get to that step and my body says "nope.... aint gonna do it"

So, this season, I wasnt going to skate comp, basically was just going to teach the classes and do what i want to do after that.

Well that changed. I was kind of minding my own business when a young lady asked me to help her stay in tune, until she tries out with another partner, (her partner had just retired) sure no problem, keep me in tune and keep her in tune.....

We got along so well, and kind of skated very similiar.... coach Angie, said why dont you guys try out together...OK.... practiced a couple of times, and told Angie that we were ready to try the mean time a past partner wanted to try out again, yeah, good to be popular.....

Tried out with the first young lady, Angie said to keep going, she was trying to arrange a tryout out with the other young lady.... and something happened with her and then... she was going to try out with someone else.........Angie gave me and the first try out the green light. this was November.

Skated Odenton, first comp back, felt good to be back, took first, scores were very good. Pre Regionals on their way, hopefully do well. I am more tuned in to preparing for Nationals...... everything else is just practice.

I have a different mindset this season..... I'm actually have more fun, this year than any other... I think its the partner........

So this year we are going to skate I dont know... I think Silver 2... contemplating skating solo......?????, after Nationals, I am going to go back down to the Portland area and visit my Aunt that I havent seen in about 20 years, should be a good time.

Hopefully meet up with who ever is skating Nats this year, and say Hi.....
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