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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
I have been skating like crazy, but really no freestyle. It's about 2 months before regionals and have decided to put the Freestyle on hold. I have met a few people who do this stuff and are competing now in Classic, which is 18 and above. But really in southern, ca there is only one skater. There are a few kids who do the Jr. World and World class and Dance and show events. They are good and fun to watch, but there are not many...maybe 6-10 in Jr. World and World Class dance and Freestyle. For me I just skate the beginning and intermediate solo Dance events and the intermediate and Gold figure events, but those disciplines don't ask to much from a person 64 years old. It's really hard to just do basic skating, but it passes the time. This year Nationals is in Spokane, Washington and that will be fun. Sharing a room with friends and I got a flight for 260 dollars there and back. So life is good!
nice have fun, the numbers of freestyle skaters is way way down as u know
Ciao Rick
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