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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
Lets say assad wanted to flushout some rebels with saran gas.
And lets say russia wants to support assad as president.
So we have rebel forces not voted in trying to overthrow the leader of a country with russia in there helping assad stay in power.
lets also say that there arent enough legit syrian forces to risk the soldiers on foot flushing out the rebels.
Doesnt it make more sense that the usa and allied forces assist in flushing out the rebels?
But no the allied forces probably put the guns in the rebels hands at the very start.
Why does trump want assad overthrown instead of striking the rebel forces?

Whoa, hang on. This is Obamas party. Not Trumps. Obama created Isis. Obama wanted to unseat Assad, but not get his hands dirty. So Obama arms the Rebels. Trump wants Isis gone, so, in a backhanded way, is with Assad. Russia wants Isis gone too, but is much more WITH Assad.

Why not look at the vietnam war as an example of this where the USA fought the VC and supported the govt of vietnam.
Wonder why Im suspicious of the whole affair?
Isnt it Easier for people to get along with russia and not risk human casualties?
Do the allied forces want putin to give the order to nuke a random city in the USA?
Nobody can tell me that if the allied forces wanted assad dead they wouldnt be able to arrange a hit.
This is another false flag in the making.
I have wondered about the taking out of leaders off and on for years. I guess no one wants to go there, because, once you start that cycle, it will never end. Even going back hundreds of years, a King does not kill a King. Just one of those things, I guess.
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