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Thanks guys, glad you like the pics! The one showing that crazy contraption makes me think of some absurd science fiction a la Stanislav Lem. Behold the future, Lemmings! Shot that while rolling and posted it unedited, I was quite astonished how everything lines up.

Food et moi - others can tell that tale more emphatically. But if I ever have the pleasure to skate with the Florida group, I'll be heading to Jessica's famous chocolate cake abode post haste.

Ms. Green Pants aka Eveline is an integral part of the Thursday night skating medleys.

And the story behing slowups, well, they're basically (very) leisurely and scenic outings conducted on closed public roads in Switzerland mostly during the summer months. The attendance is enormous - in the thens of thousands. It's really great for families and folks who usually skate very little (I guess), and hence, a positive feedback loop.

Just checked the numbers for this event: 34'000 as per the organizers.
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