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Default slowUp Sempachersee (Switzerland) - 08-19-2007

Time flies - my home PC had to temporarily donate some innards for a Linux machine, and I was loathe to switch stuff back and forth, so my little pictorial documentation of the Sempachersee SlowUp is a bit late in coming.

For details regarding SlowUps, please see my Lac de Morat thread (with nicer pics too).

It was fun, albeit slow at times, yet the chief merit of this SlowUp in my eyes is that it closely follows the World Inline Cup Sursee race course, and hence, memories of my first competition on skates (I remember what a schlep that was, thanks to a severe bout with insomnia...).

So lots of pics, in order to present a coherent picture. For the breathtaking panoramas, go look at Clemens' shots!

Eveline and 'Flo' of fame are along for the ride, which means the legendary soundmachine is going to see some action.

Using my stash of 90mm wheels... good for the heel, I hope?

Rolling through Sursee at the western end of the lake.

Aaah! I remember hundreds of skaters in the fitness category starting to get some speed on the open road.
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