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I'm looking forward to all your pix and skating stories, and hope to join the BAR next year. Whoo hoo!! You're certainly going to have loads of fun and see plenty of nice people.

Can't wait to be back in the city.

City to skate in!
(O the blacktop! O the fierce mean!
O ubiquitous tourists and gawkers in daydream!)
City of the world! (for all boots can be found here,
all the lands of the earth make contributions here; )
City of ennobled burgers and glittering hides!
City whose taxis continually rush and recede
when you need them most and foam at the mouth!
City of derelict wharves - city of tall facades and marble and steel!
Proud and passionate city - mettlesome, mad, extravagant city!
Embrace these skaters O city!
Walk not - submit to no subways or horseless conveyance, O city!
Roll over when I zip past your gridlock, O city!
Good feet or sore feet - I endure all - just spare me a summer sans AC, O city!
I chant and celebrate all that is yours - yet peace no more,
In peace I chanted pece, but now that Broadway is mine,
roll, sweet roll is my song through your streets, O city!
oooo Rolling ever since 2005 / Central Park oooo oooo
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