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Exclamation FinLine 2007 registration period starts on Thursday Feb 15th

Hello everybody, more information on the coming FinLine 2007 event is now available on Street Gliders' web site at The registration period starts on Thursday Feb 15th. Book early to avoid disappointment!

(Images linked on the SkateLog Forum with permission.)

Remember, you do not need to be a pro speed skater to be able to skate 413 km. If you can skate 70 km in a day at your own speed without any problems, then you are just the correct person for FinLine. And as Kathie said, the bus is always waiting for you to quit whenever you want.

Originally Posted by janneman View Post
in spite of the rain and wind - wich is always present in Finland parts near the Arctic Ocean. According to my experience, on regular FinLines the average weather is usually much better. This is, anyway, my subjective opinion. On 2005, there was no rain at all, even any short showers in the evening.

For the lack of parties last summer: I need again to blame the Ocean. The expected number of parties in the wilderness of Lapland was zero. On FinLine 2007, it is slightly larger. However, there are no big cities this year but small villages, farms, and lakes; so do not expect that partying will be a big part of FinLine 2007, too. (Instead, I hope that Kati is going to take her beach volley ball with her again this time...)

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