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Originally Posted by panch0 View Post
Guys, if you really look at the Trinity set up... even though one bolt/block is on each side of the wheels, the height of the boot over the wheels is the same as a regular 2 bolt mounting set up. Or you can look at it this way too, the sole of the boot, is the same height as regular 2 bolt set ups. The Trinity system shows a "channel" on the mounting block through which the wheel is supposed to pass through.... but it's not a lower set up! For this reason I think the Trinity is just a fad.... unless you're so powerful that you are breaking your regular 2 bolt set up and now you really just need to have a 3 bolt set up to contain your abnormal Hulkonian power!
If you read my earlier posts, I said Trinity is about the future. Wheels are going to get larger. Larger wheels will take up more space under the boot. The 195 mount gets in the way for bigger wheels. The mounts were moved outside so the wheels can channel in the center. It's not about a lower deck height. You can never be lower than the wheel.

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