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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
you are too kind. That may look good to you but it is really horrible. I wish I had video of when I was in my prime skating. I was slim and my body was straight. When I would speed skate I could feel the wind I was creating as I moved. I could also feel it when I did freestyle. It was like magic to leap into the air and my body knew exactly what to do without thinking. My spins were the same. Then I spoiled it all and gave it up to make my wife happy and not go out and work out anymore. That was my first wife of course. Now I am so freakin fat and I work so much I don't have time to work out. But soon I will retire a second time and start walking and then running then when I get my weight down to about 160 lbs I will skate again. I will fly again. Oops sorry, I get carried away.

I'm lucky that though my wife doesn't exactly like me skating (because she doesn't skate) she doesn't try to stand in the way as I love to do it so much.
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