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Originally Posted by tinabee View Post
Wish granted, but then you will have an entire platoon of Marines who are now out of a job knocking on your door wanting to have a little chat with you. An that's before the Army, Navy and Air Force, along with all of the Special Forces personnel arrive, if you are still in one piece. Furthermore, all of the armaments manufacturers will have to lay off workers as a result, and watch unemployment soar to 25%.
Army, Navy, Marines and Special Forces would be a problem. But Air Force? What would they do? Cross their arms and glare at me while their faces changed color in anger? As for the arms makers, we could occupy them with making the inane toys found in Happy Meals, keeping them employed, and send china into an economic tailspin without firing a shot.

But..... seeing as the only aggressive types I am into are DERBY GIRLS...
carry on boys, carry on!
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