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Wasn't it Speedsktr that said:

Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
awesome, pitchurs and everything.
well done, gwinnie.
well done, indeed, my friend.
Hmm .... but I can hold off on corruptions if ya want.

Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
Okay, I'll hold the money. I got a fin that says he'll have it no sooner than tuesday.
Ah ha!

That's what it is.... PAY UP!

The peanut gallery:

Originally Posted by CrazyGambit View Post
The illustrations are the best, good one.
Originally Posted by Smartin View Post
Gwins, your corrupt was amazing, and the picture was absolutely brilliant.
Thank You!!!
Can I keep glowing eyes, the boobs and he sparkly bra???
Oh - I think I forgot to post the aftermath of the corruption, once she catches up with Fusion, but here you go Smartin; we wouldn't want to leave you dead!

Everything you wanted to keep:

No need to corrupt, some people may be out there corrupting this pic right now
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