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I posted a little intro elsewhere on the site, but figured I should do so here, too.

My name's Mike, I'm 19, and I live in Berkeley where I go to school (hence the "cal" in my username). I "rollerbladed" as a kid since I couldn't ride a bike, but haven't done it for years (except for once last year, which ended in me breaking my hand).
I bought some Rollerblade Bravoblade GLX's from a Goodwill the other day, and, despite being used, they fit/feel good.
I got back into skating mainly to tool around town and have fun. I have a bike, but don't use it much because most places are "too" close to be worth riding, and I wanted to do something more physically demanding than walking (unless you count walking and chewing gum as demanding).
I also love the freedom of skating as opposed to biking (better maneuverability, doing little tricks, etc).

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