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Default How Do You Choose Wheels?

Howdy, I'm fixing to upgrade my rink setup, and want to setup my old skates for riding concrete bowls. I have a buddy that skateboards all the bowls around here, he used to ride with some quad guys in California years ago, and he's dying to get me into it. I am curious as to what wheels are available. Do y'all just run skateboard wheels? I guess you are not really pushing that hard, as you can just pump the transitions. So I'm thinking grip isn't a big concern. 60mm or so? Rounded or beveled lips? Wicked hard? 100a +? Or should I talk to the local board guys and see what flavor works around here?

This is just a tester setup so price may be a factor. My bud lent me some kneepads, triple 8's. I have some crappy elbow and wrist guards. The skate setup is Riedell 265, XK-4's. I'll stiffen up the action at first and will be taking it REAL easy 'til I get a feel for it.

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