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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Just wanted to say thanks. I searched around and found the most affordable. (finding 7mm was the trick). Keep ya posted. Thanks again.
Bearings just get qube 8 ball. Ceramic is gimmicky at best. It helps to know why ceramics came around in the first place. Since their raceways are stainless steel instead of the normal 51200 steel. They were developed for conditions where magnetism and to an extent, corrosion could be an issue. For very sensitive applications theres even full ceramic bearings, but those arent for skating. The NVH we typicall subject skates to is bad for a full ceramic bearing and would fracture it.

As for speed cream, F that. It's over priced clipper oil, get some light weight synthetic motor oil. Its FAR better and WAY cheaper. 0w16 to 10w30 is what I've been using for a long time.

Let's have a quick look here.
.5 fluid oz HALF A FLUID OUNCE. 8 bucks.

Vs 32 fluid ounces in a quart of oil. Which Mobil1 EP being one of the top tier oils that uses full synthetic group 4 or 5 base oils

Yet another upsell gimmick

If it was so good SKF and Timken would lube their bearings with it from their factory, or offer it. They dont, because that stuff is trash.
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