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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Oh hey, I see you long-board too. Do you have a pair of Freeline, or Drift skates? If not, and you like having toys, I'd highly recommend a pair. It really blows peoples minds when they see them, because generally speaking, they're not well known. Here's a video I found of my step brother!!! Of course I had to get a pair the next day!!!

No one at the rink ever wants to try it, only the skate boarders are daring enough.

Love the ghost town pic!!!
Ha! I was just showing guys at work those "skates" yesterday! Thought you had to be Asian to master them. Seriously! Your vid was first Anglo dude i ever seen rocking those. Even the one local guy riding those is Asian. He offered to let me try. Next time i will!

I was thinking about quads and another longboard specifically for distance. So my toy budget is currently spoken for, but if i like that guy's skates enough...who knows.

I really dig that kilt made of scarfs in the vid though! That is a must!
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