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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Oh yeah, you can definitely get back to quads. I did after 30 years of inline. It took about 3 months to find my sweet spot. You'll do especially well on quads after learning slalom on inlines. Trust me on that.
Thanks. I need to spend more money on skate stuff!

Regarding posting videos...I don't do any social networking, so no vids will post, I just couldn't care less about face book. Yes, my boyfriend refers to me as "cro-magnun woman." If I post something on youtube, I'll let you know.
You aren't alone. My really active friends don't do Facebook because, well, they are doing other stuff! It's a shame, because these are the type of people that have interesting stuff to share. Most facebook pages are full of selfies, daily food images, and maybe some pets. BORING!

I don't follow anyone on Facebook anyway. I have one Community Service facebook page for skating (Inline, quads, and longboards) basically focused on outdoor locations to skate. It's strictly informational and I know all the spots because I have an addiction problem with wheels.

So not caring about facebook I kinda misspoke here. YouTube would be great. And you will be happy to have video footage of your son's progress as well as him 40 years from now enjoying those videos. I was lucky my dad took tons of photos of us growing up so I speak from experience here.

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