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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Aw shucks, thanks for reaching out. I guess there's really not too many slalom skaters here anymore. Oh well.
I believe Facebook is killing a lot of other social media sites as well as this one. Certainly not the "good 'ol days" around the USA for numbers of skaters, but add in facebook, snapchat, and others, where skate buddies can shoot photos and videos back and forth and you can see why not many here anymore.

A few months ago I moved from inline skating to quad skating slalom and it's a whole new world. Recently my son started toe-gun and toe-wheeling tricks, so I'm completely "out-shined." SUPER PROUD no doubt.
Can you switch back to inlines easily? I have been thinking of trying quads again after 25 years on inlines (25 years on quads before that). Wondering if I can easily go from one to the other skate type easily. I know two people who claim it is no biggie, but still wary of this. Basically, I would like quads in rinks and inlines outside.

Also, you should shoot short videos of your son and put them on facebook. Then come here and give "us" the links to the videos. If you have time of course. We want to be proud of him too!

Any hoo, just seeing who's around. Take care.
Over at Fitness And Training we are down to 3 or 4 regulars. Dinosaurs wandering in a Ghost Town.

ANd BTW...I did get a notification via Email that you posted a response here. So I can keep an eye out for more easily.
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