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I'm still here, for whatever that's worth. I am more of a distance guy at heart, but when the weather sucks, I break out the cones. Posted a vid or two around here and have not improved much beyond that. So not much to say I guess.

You want to debrief any skating stories about ANYTHING, including slalom, start a thread (maybe this one), shoot me a PM and I will set up so I get notified when you, or anyone, posts there.

I have a weird feeling that it's just you and me up in here.

I already have one skate bud who texts me her GPS maps, miles, and such daily. Beats my wife 10x over with text volume. So I am used to having just ONE skate buddy chatting about everything possible on wheels. I would be happy to double my skate support group! (Wife is not the jealous type thank God). I do not know one person in my area who skates cones. Fairly sure there are zero. And only one distance skater locally as mentioned, who I actually get to skate with in person.

EDIT: Added you to my Friends list. Maybe I get alerts when you post that way.
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