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I'm Dazzler, age 40. I first started skating when I was 6 on the type of squad skates that you strap on over your shoes. Then later proper boot skates. Mainly street skating as there was no local rink. I think I was 14 when I switched to inline skates in the early 90s and have skated on inlines on and off since then, mainly for short commutes with, with occasional ice-skating at Christmas rinks. I took my 6 year old to the local roller rink toward the end of last year and put on quad skates for the first time in over 25 years. And have been bitten by the skating bug big time ever since.

My skills are weirdly inconsistent. I can skate well but for the first two visits I was literally stopping by spinning around and slowing as I couldn't remember how to use the toe stop. I absolutely could not skate backwards, like honestly couldn't move when I tried. But I can spin and do a decent parallel arabesque, on a straight or around a corner. I feel a bit silly as my quad skating is missing several steps and I know I need to get those basics down first.

I got my old inlines out to practice at home and could skate backwards without bother. Braking with a backstop or plough stop is instinctual. I'm a better inline skater as I never lost the basics. While inline and quad skating aren't massively different, there are subtle differences and I'm having to work at adjusting between the two. (I had a pretty bad fall recently on my quads as I leaned forward in a way that's fine on inlines but made my front wheels stop on quads, thankfully I'd invested in a decent set of pads the day before). But I'm also really, really enjoying both kinds of skating and the practice of skating backwards in my inlines helped a lot the next time I tried going backwards in quads.

I use quads at the rink (inlines aren't allowed there) and inlines outdoors. I've started out with a pair of Rookies for the rink and bought K2 Kinetic 80s for outdoors after the wheels on my ancient inlines literally fell apart when I took them for a longer skate outdoors. I enjoy different aspects of both kinds of skating and I've also started to (secretly) go to the rink without my 6 year old one night a week. It's easier and safer to work on improving my own skating when I don't have a little learner skater to look out for. My mother has also started coming with me/us and is the only one of the three of us to not have a fall yet.

I don't think I want to try derby. I'd love to give it ago if I was 20 years younger but don't think that level of contact sport is for me at this age. I'm recovering from falls better than I thought I would, so I'm not as aged as I tend to fear I am, but even still I don't think it would be a realistic sport for me. I'm more interested in the more artistic aspects of rink skating and I enjoy the speed (and right turns ) of inline skating. In all seriousness, getting to straight skate for long intervals and turn in both directions outdoors has improved the strength in my left leg, which is both naturally weaker and weakened by the constant left turns at the rink. My crossovers at the rink are improving (little by little) because it.
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